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If a picture is worth a thousand words, Doubletake's team building mosaic posters are worth millions in team loyalty and just plain fun. Forget the throw-away pens, clocks and mugs; these unique and inspired creations are gifts your employees and customers will treasure forever.

These beautifully crafted custom mosaic posters focus your corporate identity and celebrate the people that make it a success. What better way to reinforce the notion that it takes a team to create a company?  Every employee appears in the poster and we even tell you their locations. 

Your Doubletake team building mosaic posters will become a treasured keepsake and ensures that your company's logo is displayed in conspicuous places.

Doubletake is the world’s largest producer of custom mosaic posters. So call (202) 248-1736 or and let our award-winning team design a unique, whimsical and eye-catching gift for your employees and company.


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