Roy Feinson Corporate Anniversaries

Corporate Anniversaries


When Disney and The Grammys® celebrated their special corporate milestones, they asked Doubletake to innovate unique "push-the-technology-envelope" artwork.

For Disney's 49th Anniversary, Doubletake created the world's largest photographic mosaic in a live stunt in front of Cinderella's castle using giant photographs of Disney cast members.

For Disney's 50th Anniversary, Doubletake created a series of 35 giant mosaics featuring pictures taken by guests since the park's opening in 1955. The project included the world's only tri-level mosaic and featured nearly half a million guest and cast member photographs (a world record).

For the Grammys® 50th Anniversary, a mosaic was constructed in a "free-form" style by mounting actual photographs (of previous Grammy® winners) onto a giant canvas at various angles. The artwork was unveiled by Quincy Jones and Joss Stone.


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